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Do you want your organisation, products or services to take the climate into account? Or do you want to accelerate your current policy? Then we can help you in the process from A to Zero CO2.
A Program Manager takes control and quickly oversees what needs to be done and who else is needed. Our other experts on specific reduction themes of footprinting are brought in where and when necessary. If you have experts within your organisation our Program Manager will also work effectively with them. Working together, we ensure acceleration to net zero. With healthy ambition and an eye on results, we ensure support within your organisation.

A tot Zero CO2
Programs in the Field

At the KNVB, the Dutch National Football Association, two of our consultants are responsible for three initiatives as Program Managers:
‘The Green Club’ – for making amateur clubs more sustainable
GO! – for reducing CO2 emissions from all the mobility at sports clubs
Waste – reduce and recycle
The KNVB uses its Circle of Influence to make an important contribution towards Zero CO2, through its affiliated associations, members, volunteers and the public. Our Program Managers work systematically with clear and concrete goals and are result oriented. Do you also want to take practical steps towards Zero CO2?

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Our Approach to
Energy, Mobility and Flying

Factors that play a major role in the CO2 increase in our atmosphere are the growing use of energy, and increasing mobility, transportation and business air travel. We see this reflected in companies’ Footprints. If you have insight into your organisation’s CO2 emissions, we can help you to accelerate CO2 reduction in all areas. We start by getting deeper insight, where necessary, with scans of energy use, driving and flying. This is the basis for a concrete plan of action for planning, implementing and monitoring reduction measures. We also contribute our knowledge around legislation, regulations and subsidies.

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We help you reduce the
climate impact of your products and services

Is much of your climate impact outside your scope? Is it in products or services in your supply chain or from your customers? That calls for a different approach. Our LCA experts specialize in checking every link of your chain from cradle-to-grave and making it transparent. Our carbon advisors and consultants connect the dots and translate them into the steps you can take to move your chain to net zero. Use your Circle-of-Influence and encourage your suppliers and customers to move towards Zero CO2 together.

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Visibly on the way to Zero CO2
with the Climate Neutral Certification Program

Do you want to stay on track with the Paris climate agreement and are you already on your way there? Then an independent assessment of the steps you have taken can make your efforts towards Zero CO2 visible under the Climate Neutral Certification program. If you comply, you can use the Climate Neutral label on your organisation, product or service. Do you want to know where you stand with regard to the requirements of the Climate Neutral Certification program? Then we can do a pre-assessment, which will let you know where you are and what needs to be done. The program is set up so that it structures and monitors your climate approach. It offers numerous practical tools and ways to accelerate your progress.

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Getting started strategically with our
Boardroom consultants

Do you want to take big steps forward when it comes to the climate? Then take a step back first. Reflect on what you have achieved and how as well as which people and resources you have made available to do it. Our Boardroom consultants, our board members, are experienced and adept in helping you to critically assess your climate policy and results. They ask the right questions, listen, challenge you and provide feedback. The result is that you jointly arrive at an appropriate net-zero climate strategy for your company, with healthy ambition, clear goals and attention for your business. Would you like to explore this further? Please get in touch.

Methodology Development for Offset Projects and Insetting

In addition to offering existing climate projects for offsetting, we are also active in setting up new projects and new methods to reduce CO2. This is getting more and more relevant because the market for offsetting is growing and it is necessary to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. Climate projects in Europe and new types of projects around the world are taking off. The demand for description of new methods is increasing, something our consultants in the Netherlands and South Africa are experienced in. Think about areas like water management, seaweed, mangroves, peat meadows and methane sequestration in the agricultural sector. Would you like to know more about our expertise and references?

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