Sustainable Mobility & Transport

Did you know that business mobility accounts for an average of 42% of a CO2 Footprint? And that it can be up to 90%?
It’s time to lower that percentage. It’s much easier than you think. A mobility scan tracks it all: business travel, transport, and commuting, by car or with public transport. With the insight from the scan, we propose sustainable solutions that reduce both the CO2 emissions and costs of your company’s mobility. Our mobility specialist advises you and has access to an extensive network of mobility partners. After implementing reduction measures, the remaining CO2 emissions can simply be added to the offsetting of your total CO2 Footprint or your fuel cards, if you use them. We also have partnerships with most lease companies.
Does your business do a lot of logistics and transport? Our mobility expert is also familiar with your needs. Our knowledge comes from our experience with products, making supply chains more sustainable, and distribution for web shops. We know our way around programs such as Lean & Green and the Big Mile.

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