A clear Energy Saving Strategy gives quick results.

Step 1 – Plan an on-site energy scan by an Energy expert, delivering:
Step 2 – A report with advice on solar panels and measures to save energy, inclusive:
Step 3 – Payback periods/return-on-investments per measure.
Step 4 – Make a definitive Reduction Plan and carry out the measures.
Step 5 – Don’t forget to apply for possible subsidies and check other advantages (tax).
Step 6 – Monitor the reduction results and make a yearly report in case of an audit.

In the transition period, switching to green electricity options like wind energy is quick and easy. Unfortunately, the source and origin of green electricity is not always green. This is logical because the amount of green energy in many countries isn’t enough to meet the high demand. We can help you prepare tenders for Guarantees of Origins to make the right choices and evaluate your energy contract with regard to value. Or, a more favorable temporary solution may be offsetting with carbon credits.
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