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Offsetting your CO2 emissions is part of an ambitious Net-Zero Strategy and is necessary for achieving the climate goals. Innovations and solutions for reducing CO2 can help you towards Net Zero in the long term. Carbon offsetting is a great solution for getting there now: you ensure immediately that your remaining CO2 emissions do not end up in the atmosphere. By offsetting, you invest in a climate project that reduces the CO2 produced elsewhere. Offsetting creates an impact that goes beyond the climate, contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Our Climate Projects

Climate Neutral Group offers climate projects with the VCS or Gold Standard certification. Our membership of ICROA, the International Carbon Reduction & Offsetting Alliance, ensures that offsetting through our projects meets the highest quality criteria. There is plenty of choices: cookstoves, cooking on solar or biogas, renewable energy projects, and ‘nature-based’ projects, such as forest conservation and planting. Do you prefer countries? We have projects in Africa, South America, Asia, and even the Netherlands. For the climate, it doesn’t matter where the CO2 reduction takes place. Are you interested in project development, insetting, and sustaining your supply chains? Please scroll down.

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Customisation and Consultancy

When you choose offsetting, you can also choose for customization. Is there a strategic issue related to your sustainability policy, should stakeholders be involved, does your company focus on specific SDGs, or are communication issues involved? Our offsetting and insetting experts can provide the support you need. When it comes to a large volume of CO2 offsetting, we can look for a unique project, especially for you.

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Project Development and Certification

Do you have a technology, circular system, process, or innovation that reduces CO2, and do you need carbon financing? Our experts can investigate whether you can market the reduced CO2 in order to financially support the completion of your innovation. We can then help you translate that into a methodology that can be certified under VCS or Gold Standard and help you with the PDD. We can analyze your (agri)food supply chains to explore carbon reduction opportunities there! Our climate project specialists can provide further assistance through the use of various technologies like agroforestry, regenerative agriculture etc. We also have specialists in this area at our office in South Africa.

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In Your Product's Supply Chain

In addition to offsetting, we have found that agrifood producers also need to reduce emissions in their supply chain. They have mapped out their supply chain and know the origin of their products. Reducing CO2 emissions locally and ensuring that local workers benefit from it is popular for crops like coffee and chocolate. This is called ‘insetting along with offsetting’. We can be your expert partner in assigning value to this CO2 reduction, which then counts as part of your reduction on the way to Zero CO2. It is also meaningful in its own right.

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Have you completed the steps from A to Zero CO2: Footprinting, Reduction, and Offsetting? Then the Climate Neutral Certification program provides extra value through an independent assessment via a Certification Body. The Climate Neutral Certified label makes the claim of having a Climate Neutral Organisation, Product, or Service transparent and credible.

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