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Our challenge is to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees for future generations. Our focus is on organisations and our goal is to get to Net Zero CO2 with them by 2050. We look at what is needed and show that it is possible, while respecting the organisation, stakeholders and the environment. Using recognised methods, we show credible and transparent results on the way to Net Zero CO2. Let organisations do what they do best, with meaning and value, while staying within the limits of the planet.

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Climate Neutral Group

We have been leaders in climate neutral entrepreneurship since 2002, when we emerged from two start-ups, backed by our founders: Triodos Bank and DOEN Participations BV. As a Founding Partner of ICROA and BCorp, Climate Neutral Group stands for qualitatively responsible offsetting in addition to insight, footprinting and reduction. As a B-to-B partner and a leader in the climate arena, we are, thanks to the confidence of more than 3000 organisations, firmly on the road from A to Zero CO2. We aim for a positive climate impact for and with our customers. That’s why we continually invest in strengthening our team and our tools. We are passionately behind our mission: Net Zero CO2 by 2050.

Accelerate to
Net Zero

“We are optimistic about what we have achieved in terms of climate impact, the results that we can achieve in the future and the drive among organisations to move to Net Zero. The world has accelerated its transition, partly due to COVID-19. We have seen this reflected in wonderful new partnerships with motivated companies and brands. The next step, our  renewed Climate Neutral Certification standard for organisations, products and services, will be the catalyst. With the Climate Neutral Certified label you get a visible and independently verified confirmation of your organisation’s work towards Net Zero CO2 and the results you have already achieved.”

René Toet, Managing Director

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our dedicated team

René Toet
Rene Toet Managing Director
John Leppers
John Leppers Director
Marjan Verbeek
Marjan Verbeek Strategic Partnership Manager
Arjen Struijk
Arjen Struijk Marketing & Sales Director
Jos Cozijnsen
Jos Cozijnsen Carbon Specialist
Mark Huis in 't Veld
Mark Huis in ’t Veld Senior Carbon Advisor
Lieneke Knuyt
Lieneke Knuyt Carbon Advisor
Bas Ooteman
Bas Ooteman Junior Consultant
Janne Kuhn
Janne Kuhn Junior LCA and footprint analyst
Ciska Uijlenbroek
Ciska Uijlenbroek Marketing & Communications Manager
Ellen Brouwer
Ellen Brouwer Project Manager Certification
Jouke Roelfzema
Jouke Roelfzema Carbon Advisor
Eline Weerts
Eline Weerts Junior Carbon Advisor
Micha Rots
Micha Rots Carbon Consultant
Rianne Kluitmans
Rianne Kluitmans Sales Assistant
Lene Keerberg
Lene Keerberg Carbon Portfolio Manager
Jack Everling
Jack Everling Finance Officer
Marieke Godding
Marieke Godding Executive Secretary & HR coordinator

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