As a member and founding partner of ICROA, the International Carbon Reduction & Offsetting Alliance, we comply with the Code Best Practice in the areas of footprinting, reduction and offsetting. Our membership ensures our climate compensation projects meet internationally recognised standards and the administrative process around carbon credits is guaranteed and monitored by an accountant.
But it means more: only organisations that actively promote CO2 Footprinting and Reduction and can demonstrate that they have a track record on this can be a member. We are very proud of this membership. The annual Audit, by Climate Check, is intensive but an incentive to continuously improve ourselves. And via our participation in diverse working groups, we contribute to a controlled route to Zero CO2 and have the latest knowledge of the development of the Voluntary Carbon Market.

Via diverse Round tables and Networking groups we
Accelerate to Zero CO2 together

We are also a member of the CSR Foundation in The Netherlands, the Climate Square for SMEs, the Dutch Association of Travel Managers (NATM) and the VBDO (sustainable capital market). We support them with our knowledge and experts to accelerate the achievement of our common goal, a Net Zero Economy. And we are part of various networks in order to discuss climate related themes in an atmosphere of respect and trust. In this way, we increase our Circle of Influence with important stakeholders in government, industry and business. This networking enriches our daily work.

CSR Foundation – Climate Square – VBDO – NATM – Food Policy Network – Business Leaders – CSR Large Business Network – Groeneveld Conference – Climate Table Flying (Dutch Government) – Anders Reizen (Travel Differently Association)

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B Corp
Certified Corporation

We have been a certified B Corporation, or B Corp, since 2015. We meet strict socially responsible criteria, including regarding the climate. The impact we make with our clients is also weighed in the annual assessment, which continuously challenges each of us to make more positive impact.

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National Carbon Market in The Netherlands

Offsetting in the Netherlands is on the rise. Based on our expertise, we sit on the board to expand the National Carbon Market. We are involved in setting up reduction methods and tradable carbon credits that can be reliably registered.

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