bloomon: a climate neutral florist

Flowers from this online florist have found their way to the tables of many households in the short time since its founding in 2014. bloomon is active in five markets: the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and the United Kingdom. The brand offers a wide range of fresh bouquets and various styles of luxurious dried flowers, as well as flower subscriptions. bloomon has significantly shortened the supply chain by buying directly from the grower and skipping auctions and warehouses. This means that the flowers are fresher than fresh when they reach the customer. And, as of 15 June 2020, all of bloomon’s products are 100% climate neutral, from the grower (including growing the flowers) to the front door. These are flowers that make both the people and the planet happy.

Ambitious Sustainability Plans

Sustainability is important for bloomon. Because there is a short chain from the grower to the consumer, the flowers can be enjoyed for a longer time, which leads to fewer flowers being thrown away and minimises CO2 emissions. The environmental impact of a bloomon bouquet is therefore significantly less than a bouquet from a traditional flower supplier. In 2020, bloomon took new and proactive steps in sustainability and are the first in the market to offer climate neutral bouquets. They hope to inspire the rest of the flower sector to do the same.

The Start of the Sustainability Journey

It’s a good start, but bloomon isn’t stopping there. The flower company is the first in the country to start selling the Bio-bos: a mixed bunch of 100% organic flowers from Dutch certified growers. The company has also been working with Climate Neutral Group (CNG) since 2020 to meet their goal of reducing its Carbon Footprint, not just this year, but also in the long term. CNG awarded them ‘Climate Neutral Guaranteed’ certification in 2020, making those goals a reality. “Our goal is to take structural steps in the area of sustainability and thereby to also inspire the rest of the flower sector,” said Roy Barnhoorn, Sourcing & Sustainability manager at bloomon.

Flower For People and the Planet

The vision behind bloomon’s sustainability policy: flowers that make people and the planet happy. They are working according to the following four principles:

  • Happy flowers: collaborating with growers to grow healthy flowers with fewer pesticides, with the aim of 50% less pesticide use by 2025;
  • Happy planet: actively reducing the Carbon Footprint and offsetting what cannot (yet) be reduced by optimising delivery routes and increasing deliveries by bicycle or electric transport;
  • Happy people: sharing flower power with everyone – according to scientists, flowers make you happy and less stressed – which is important for customers and anyone else who needs a boost.
  • Happy workers: providing 100% transparency as to where all flowers come from and using 100% certified growers in 2022, growers who in turn offer their employees a fair salary and safe working conditions.

Climate Neutral

bloomon has been actively reducing its Carbon Footprint since 2020 The Carbon Footprint of each bouquet of flowers has been calculated precisely: one bouquet of flowers from bloomon is equivalent to driving 33 kilometres in a petrol car. By analysing the steps in the chain, it is possible for bloomon to reduce its CO2 emissions. The emissions that bloomon cannot (yet) reduce have been offset since June 2020. The online florist invests in a forest conservation project in Uganda.

All bloomon products carry the Climate Neutral quality mark. CNG has verified every step: insight, reduction and offsetting. bloomon’s products are therefore 100% climate neutral, from the grower to the door.

“Sustainability has been an important theme for us since bloomon was founded in 2014. By opting for certification under the Climate Neutral standard from Climate Neutral Group, we are already 100% climate neutral, plus we are challenged to reduce even more every year. We have already gotten started and we look forward to making our sector more sustainable as well as providing inspiration for our sector”, says Roy Barnhoorn, Sourcing & Sustainability manager.

To ensure that offsetting will become an increasingly smaller part of the climate strategy, bloomon has established a reduction strategy for the long term and a concrete plan for the short to medium term. This is in line with the standard Climate Neutral Certification, which aims to achieve a 25% reduction in certified products by 2030 and ‘zero emissions’ by 2050.

bloomon – sustainability

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