Brabant Water wants a better world

Brabant Water pumps, purifies, transports and delivers high-quality drinking and industrial water from 30 water production companies to more than 2.4 million residents and businesses in the Dutch province of North Brabant. It also provides customized water and water-related products and services to residential customers and businesses. Brabant Water is aware of its social responsibilities and is therefore committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions.

Green ambitions

Brabant Water wants a better world for present and future generations.

According to Brabant Water, sustainability will be achieved when ecological, economic and social interests are balanced. These developments contribute to a more efficient, more economical and more balanced handling of the planet. Water has a strong connection with the environment and society. Brabant Water has two priorities:

  • Take care of the source, and nature.
  • Take care of the environment.

In order to realize its green ambitions, the company has taken various steps towards becoming a climate neutral business. To do so, they have used the following services: calculating the CO2 footprint, joining the Dutch Eco Drivers League, implementing FuelScan and FuelMonitor, becoming Climate Neutral Guaranteed, using certified green energy and offsetting the remaining emissions through an offsetting project (using carbon credits).


Brabant Water’s CO2 footprint includes its water production locations (except the industrial water company in Zevenbergen) and its offices. The footprint was prepared in accordance with the GHG Protocol and includes business air travel that has been offset with carbon credits.


Brabant water has calculated its footprint and is committed to climate neutrality. An active policy has been established in order to minimize the environmental impact of its activities. Brabant Water reduced its CO2 footprint by 66%.


Brabant Water encourages its staff to use A-label lease cars by offering them a lower personal contribution; 56% of the company’s lease cars have an A label. There is now an electric vehicle fleet in the Paleiskwartier neighbourhood of ‘s-Hertogenbosch thanks to Brabant Water’s initiative.

Brabant Water takes part in the Dutch Eco Drivers League, in which companies aim to have the greenest fleets in the Netherlands. A FuelScan was carried out – a baseline measurement of the past 12 months of fuelling records per car. Throughout the competition, they used the FuelMonitor which clearly and realistically showed the savings potential per user as part of a clear and easily understood overview.


In order to reduce the CO2 emitted during the production of drinking water, Brabant Water has set the pumps at their optimal pressure and started using more efficient pumps. Brabant Water has switched to green energy and has installed solar panels at production locations – there produce about 100,000 kWh per year. They have invested in energy saving lightings and reduced gas use by 10%. Their advanced building management system ensures a reduced consumption of energy for cooling. The computer rooms have also been changed to optimize the computer cooling. Building, purchasing and site management is all done in a sustainable way.

Waste and recycling

Materials and substances produced by water purification are useful to other companies, so are brought to them for reuse. In this way, Brabant Water’s waste is 100% reused.


Brabant Water’s emissions cannot be fully reduced with the above measures. To green the CO2 footprint further, Brabant Water uses a combination of high-quality guaranteed origin electricity (real green electricity) and uses carbon credits to offset the rest. They invest in the Chinese sustainable hydropower project.


“We have step-by-step, over a period of five years, charted our impact on the climate and reduced it. Climate Neutral Guaranteed is a logical step.”

– Brabant Water, Management

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