Bunzl is a single-source supplier in the field of packaging, disposables and hygiene products for the food and non-food sector. The company, part of the global Bunzl Plc group, has seven locations in the Netherlands, each with its own specialty. Bunzl Retail and Industry in Arnhem wanted their carrier bags to be certified as Climate Neutral Certified.

Green Ambition

Bunzl would like to lessen its impact on the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an important part of Bunzl’s business philosophy. They have had a CSR policy covering business norms, health, safety and the environment for many years. They take social responsibility very seriously.

In order to realize its green ambitions, Bunzl has taken various steps towards becoming a climate neutral business. To do so, they have used the following services: calculating their CO2 footprint, setting up an Ecochain-LCA, becoming Climate Neutral Guaranteed and implementing a Gold Standard project. There has been an internal environmental programme set up to continually evaluate and improve performance in this area.


Bunzl delivers a wide range or products. The CO2 footprint (LCA – Life Cycle Analysis) has only been calculated for their carrier bags. Therefore, the minimal CO2 contribution from the head office, sales and marketing, etc. has not been included. That this small amount of CO2 emissions is neglected is acceptable; Bunzl arranges enough other CSR related initiatives through its “Bunzl aware” package.


Bunzl has been engaged in corporate social responsibility for many years. They would like to make their carrier bags CO2 neutral by using number of reduction and offsetting measures. Reduction measures include:

  • Driving: reducing the use of fuel for transport.
  • Energy: reducing waste and increasing the amount of waste recycled.
  • Business: offering environmentally friendly products: the “Bunzl Aware” range.

The climate impact of Bunzl’s carrier bags is relatively low, due to the low energy consumption, the high percentage of recycled materials (97% recycled plastics) and the relatively low weight of the carrier bag. Therefore, no further reduction is possible.


Bunzl’s remaining CO2 emissions are offset through investing in a Gold Standard project: the Biogas Project in Cambodia. In addition to the benefits for the climate, this project also contributes to the helping the local people in Cambodia.

De klanten van Bunzl kunnen kiezen uit verschillende biogas-, cookstoves en duurzame energie projecten.


“We see limiting our environmental and climate impact and contributing to raising users’ awareness as an important task in the area of our social responsibility.”

– Management, Bunzl

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