Weleda is the world’s leading manufacturer of certified biological, organic and anthroposophic pharmaceutical products. Its products contribute to the healing, well-being and vitality of customers. Since its founding in 1921 Weleda has placed great emphasis on its social, environmental and economic responsibility. Weleda Benelux, part of the Weleda AG concern, has two branches in the Netherlands.

Green Goals

At Weleda, sustainability is not a trend, but instead is one of its most important policy principles:

“We try to safeguard the harmony between man and nature as much as possible in everything we undertake. That is why we go to great lengths to protect and respect the environment and biodiversity (environmental sustainability), to treat and reward employees, partners and communities fairly (social sustainability), and to operate in an ethical manner in our commercial activities (economic sustainability). These three pillars form the foundations of our policy and form the basis of who we are and what we do.”

In recent years, Weleda has offset its emissions. Sustainability is part of the basic principles of the company and is therefore so fully integrated in its actions that it is no longer explicitly monitored.

To put its green goals into practice, Weleda has taken various steps towards becoming a climate neutral company. They have used the following services: Carbon Footprint, Climate Neutral Guaranteed and offsetting via the Gold Standard Biogas Cambodia climate project.


Weleda has had its Carbon Footprint calculated by Climate Neutral Group and has been challenged to permanently reduce its climate impact. The Carbon Footprint is calculated in accordance with the GHG protocol from the consumption data of the head office and the branch. The analysis shows that the majority of the Carbon Footprint is caused by car mobility and paper consumption.


Weleda does not have an explicit climate policy but is continuously working to reduce its Carbon Footprint. The organisation has a strong internal motivation to work on sustainability. In principle, the time for replacement is used to take the following steps:

  • Replacement of fluorescent tubes by TL5 lamps.
  • Encouraging reuse of packaging materials.
  • Use of compostable filling material in the packaging.
  • Continuous reduction of printer paper and selection of FSC printer paper with a low CO2 footprint.


Weleda’s remaining emissions are offset by investing in the Gold Standard project: Biogas in Cambodia. In addition to the benefits for the climate, the project also contributes to the development of the local population in Cambodia.


“At Weleda, sustainability has been anchored in our business strategy for over 90 years. We not only make natural products but also want to be sustainable as a company. Our Dutch company is therefore Climate Neutral Guaranteed. A conscious choice. We will continue to take more energy-saving measures to reduce our Carbon Footprint. To be continued!”
– Richard van der Hoek | Deputy Director

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