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Scroll down to find out what Climate Neutral Certified means in nutshell.

What companies actually do to limit the climate impact of their organization, products and services is often unclear. The goals are vague or ambitious and are often far into the future. The approach and the results are unclear.

‘Climate Neutral Certified’ means now Climate Neutral, after reduction in line with the Paris Climate Agreement

Taking full responsibility for your climate-impact is real when a company and/or product(s) and services comply to the standard  ‘Climate Neutral Certified’. To get certified and use the logo, companies, products or services must meet following core criteria:

  1. The CO2-emissions of the organization, product or service have been calculated according to recognized methods and standards.
  2. CO2-emissions are reduced annually to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. This means the needed CO2 reduction is achieved every year.
  3. The CO2-emissions that remains after reduction will be offset (compensated) with certified Gold Standard or VCS projects.
  4. This means the amount of compensated CO2 will be less year after year.
  5. Communication about the status of their climate action is done in clear and transparant way via website, CSR reports etc. In case of products the logo and claim will be on the packaging and website.

Independent Certification Bodies (Preferred by Nature and Ecocert) verify is all criteria in the Climate Neutral Standard are met and check the proof every year. When in the previous year the reduction result was excellent and goes faster towards zero CO2, the Certification Body may decide to certify for two years.  

So, if you find real climate action important, ‘Climate Neutral Certified’ products is a good choice!

Here you can find various cases about Climate Neutral Certified Organizations, Products and Services.

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CO2-reduction |
Products and Supply Chains

To reduce the CO2 emissions of a product, the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) in the supply chain is the starting point. Depending on the type of product, production process, ingredients/materials, origin and distribution, the reduction strategy is always tailor-made that we set up pragmatically. Our specialists help you to take the path to Zero CO2 for your product. Suppliers are challenged and when it comes to moving agro-food products to “Climate-Smart Agriculture” (CSA), we have an extensive network, also for Insetting. The focus of our consultants is on quickly achieve major climate gains and a clear plan for the future. Want to know more? Contact us.

Cases for Inspiration

PLUS Introduces the First Climate Neutral Certified Banana

Good food with care for both people and planet.
The PLUS supermarket chain chose Fairtrade years ago and they are now embracing certified climate neutral products for their house brands. Production chains are being made transparent, including the impact on the climate. “We are delighted that consumers appreciate our sustainability and health efforts,”

Eric Leebeek Commercial Director Read more

100% climate neutral Brabant Water

“We have step-by-step, over a period of five years, charted our impact on the climate and reduced it. Climate Neutral Guaranteed is a logical step.”


Brabant Water Management Read more

Leading the way in reducing CO2-emissions

“The Climate Neutral Group has supported us on many fronts in order to make our sustainability policy effective. With the CO2 Management tool, we not only get continuous insight into our CO2 emissions, but it also supports our efficient CO2 administration. Using the tool, we monitor the effect of the measures we’ve taken so we can quickly adjust them as needed. We can also present our Board of Directors with a quarterly CO2 report, which makes sustainability a real and integrated part of our operations.”

Henriëtte Davelaar PGGM Read more

Bunzl would like to lessen its impact on the environment

“We see limiting our environmental and climate impact and contributing to raising users’ awareness as an important task in the area of our social responsibility.”

Bunzl Management Read more

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