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Thomas Rau (Architect & Inspirator)

An entrepreneur, architect, innovator, inspirer and visionary. In all his actions he is ‘guided by the future’ instead of what is achievable now. With his architectural firm RAU, he has set up various innovations and new standards in the field of CO2-neutral, energy-neutral and energy-positive construction, and recently also for circular architecture.

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Volkert Engelsman (Founder Eosta)

Volkert is a frontrunner and founder of Eosta, a company providing organic fruit to supermarkets. Eosta has developed a food transparency scheme called Nature & More – convinced that there can be no sustainability without transparency. The company is now Europe’s leading distributor of organic and fair-trade food, and a trendsetter in sustainability issues and true and honest pricing. In today’s world, Volkert’s inspiring values and dedication are seen as a leading example how to run a sustainable agrifood business.

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Rens van Tilburg (Director)

Rens van TilburgSustainable Finance Lab
As Director of the Sustainable Finance Lab Rens will take you on a journey on how crises influence each other. He zooms in on the importance of sustainability on a macro-economic level on how finance can accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy, and on a micro-economic level on how to strengthen your company and become future-proof.

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Ikenna Azuike (Journalist)

Ikenna Azuike started his career as a lawyer, but is now a sought-after journalist, presenter, speaker and filmmaker. Ikenna was born in Lagos, Nigeria, grew up in the UK, studied law in the UK and France and has been living in The Netherlands with his family since 2004.

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Stuart McLachlan (Anthesis Group)

Stuart is co-founder and CEO of Anthesis Group, started in 2013 and grown to over 1,000 people across several continents. With his passion for sustainable performance and driving impact, he is a speaker on market trends and the relationship between sustainable futures and business success. He is active in the transition towards the circular economy, seeking new, more resilient business models and win-win opportunities. Stuart will show you solutions on how to make your organisation benefit in this decisive decade for the climate.

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René Toet (Managing Director )

René will speak about the sustainable transition needed in the world full of crises. As managing director, he built Climate Neutral Group to a professional consulting company with a systematic ambitious approach towards Zero CO2 in line with the Paris Agreement. The Climate Neutral Certification Programme, the first climate neutral standard with a mandatory reduction component and the first one acknowledged by ISEAL, was the main engine of this growth. René will elaborate on how CNG adapts to the changing world with the need for climate action and what the company means & stands for today.

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