The Climate Impact of Flying

The aviation sector is responsible for 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Innovations and developments in the field of fuels will unfortunately not be enough to make the sector more sustainable within 10 to 20 years. As a (business) traveler you can of course take action yourself and internationally operating companies can quickly reduce the climate impact of their business flights. Are you curious how? We have all the tools and expertise in-house to enable companies to substantially offset their CO2.

Insight into the Carbon Footprint of Air Travel

Climate Neutral Group has thé tool to accurately calculate the CO2 produced by air travel. This state of the art ‘CNG Flight Carbon Carbon Calculator‘ can be integrated in travel agents’ booking systems (TMCs). The tool calculates the CO2 emissions from the flight(s) during the booking process. It is also possible to process all data from your organisation’s air travel at one time. The tool offers a very accurate ‘fuel-based’ and the conventional ‘distance-based’ method. This means, the more details of your flight are known, the more accurate the result. By using internationally recognised emission factors, our tool can be used worldwide to help you on your way to Zero CO2 for air travel. The calculator is very useful for travel agencies and companies which want to sustain the climate-impact of their business travel.

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CO2 Reduction
via the TravelScan

Does your organisation do business worldwide? Then you will almost certainly find that CO2 emissions from business air travel will form a large part of your organisation’s footprint. We have found that the share of the Carbon Footprint from flying can reach up to 50%. Make significant cuts in your CO2 emissions through our TravelScan and the accompanying advice on determining a sustainable business travel policy. CO2 reduction, offsetting and cost savings of up to 40% go hand in hand.

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Reach Net Zero already by Offsetting your Emissions

The offsetting of the CO2 emissions for all flights can be handled during the booking, in collaboration with your travel agent, meaning you don’t have to think about it any more. You choose the climate project that best suits your organisation and we take care of everything else through the linked CNG Travel Carbon Footprint Tool. Do you book the flights yourself? By flying less and offsetting your emissions, you can take significant steps towards Zero CO2.

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Expert Consultancy

Reducing the climate impact of flying has been an important part of CNG for over 20 years. Our experts are aware of all developments in the fields of fuels, innovations, current and future regulations, carbon budgets and calculation methods. Based on this expertise, our consultants are used not only by the business community, but also by the government, the aviation sector and the travel industry.

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Offsetting by Consumers

Our GreenSeat platform offers consumers the opportunity to offset the emissions of their flights. The goal is to make consumers aware of the impact on the climate from flying and to encourage them to travel differently. We can link the booking systems of tour operators and airlines to our CNG Travel Carbon Footprint Tool, which arranges offsetting with one click during booking.

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