More than 18 years ago, GreenSeat was born with the conviction that the climate changed and flying contributed a lot to this. Offsetting air travel emissions through beautiful climate projects elsewhere in the world has become increasingly common. Meanwhile, GreenSeat is the brand for the business traveler, the consumer and in the travel world when it comes to flying without impact.

Responsible travel is necessary

The climate is changing, and we are all responsible for it because of our behaviour. The latest report by the IPCC, the UN-designated institute that scientifically investigates climate change, shows this. And since flying is still taking off, our impact on the climate is only going to increase. To keep climate change within limits, so the world remains livable for us and the generations after us. There are alternatives with less impact. Videoconferencing and the train at distances up to 700 km is becoming more attractive. And because more efficient aircrafts and biofuels are not yet wide available, offsetting is still the temporary solution to be climate neutral.

GreenSeat by Climate Neutral Group

By purchasing a GreenSeat you fly climate neutral, which means that all greenhouse gases, soot and condensation trails are offset. Flying can be major contributor to an organization’s footprint and GreenSeat includes all the greenhouse gases associated with the flights in the calculation of the emissions. Business travellers have been greening their seats for years, as a part of the carbon footprint offset initiatives of their organizations. Offsetting of all emissions (such as those from energy, natural gas and other fuels) can result in the organization becoming climate neutral. It is also possible to only offset the air travel component, either directly through Climate Neutral Group or via selected business travel agents. Flying on a GreenSeat is fast becoming the norm. The TravelScan, the tool to implement a solid CO2 reduction policy, based on facts & figures, with a considerable cost saving, has given GreenSeat a new dimension. Want to know more about the TravelScan get in touch with us.

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