Flying has a huge climate impact, 4% of global emissions. When it comes to gaining detailed insight and reducing CO2 emissions, your business flights needs another approach.  Because of our experience of more than 18 years, we can call ourselves a true specialist in this field. We have helped internationally operating companies to reduce their CO2. Curious how? We have the tools, the CNG  Travel Carbon Footprint Tool and the Travelscan, and the experts in-house. Right now, it’s time to ‘scan’ your baseline footprint of flying in 2019, as a ‘baseline’, and get an eye the reduction potential above. This way, if flying without restrictions is possible again, you can permanently limit the climate impact of flying in the future.

How do we work?

Climate Neutral Group draws up a TravelScan based on your company’s flight movements over the past calendar year. With our tool, we scan all flights your organization has been made in that year and we identify and quantify reduction options for your organization. Less flights, certainly to fixed destinations, such as suppliers and production sites, by replacing them with videoconferencing. Replacing the shortest distances with the train and reducing business class. Furthermore, our calculator can accurately calculate the CO2 emissions from air travel, because we use actual data instead of averages. Think of the type of aircraft, the occupancy rate and the fuel consumption. Even if Biofuel is used, this will be taken into account. So we can advise you on the flights with the least impact. All the results are clearly summarized in a report. Per measure you can clearly see what you save in CO2 and also on your costs. The perfect basis for a sustainable business travel policy, we are happy to help you with.

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