The Swiss Agro Tech company Mootral has developed an alternative feed for cows made of natural garlic and citrus that reduces methane emissions from dairy cattle by 30%.

World’s first carbon credits from methane reduction in cow burps are here! Generated by cows fed with Mootral Ruminant.Generated on our flagship farm, Brades Farm Dairy Ltd, we are looking forward to scale up our CowCredits in future, starting with other farms.”, according to Mootral’s proud team.”


Climate Neutral Group assisted Mootral in setting up a new methodology for determining methane reduction for certification purposes in order to obtain carbon credits. Carbon specialist Jos Cozijnsen and expert consultant Silvana Claassen, specialist in the development and certification of offsetting projects, worked on this project. Silvana is working from our office in South Africa. The newly developed methodology was accepted by Verra (VCS) for the international voluntary carbon market for offsetting. In theory, the project can reduce 1.5 Gton CO2e globally.

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