The 26th United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26) comes at a critical time to fulfil the Paris Agreement on climate. Climate Neutral Group focusses on 6 steps for climate action together with the private sector. In short:

1. From A to Zero CO2
Besides the obligations of governments to set targets and achieve them, the private sector also needs to be courageous, take full responsibility and commit themselves to tackle climate change.

2. CO2 reduction  and the energytransition is key
We believe that structurally reducing your CO2 emissions is the way forward to achieving the goals set in the Paris Agreement in which accelerating the energy transition plays an crucial role.

3. Real Climate Neutrality with our Climate Neutral Certification Standard
Companies who have publicly committed to reducing their carbon footprint are not only obliged to set ambitious targets but also to measure their progress.

4. Credible, high quality compensation
On the road to Zero CO2, offsetting the emissions you cannot reduce yet is part of an ambitious strategy and necessary for achieving the climate goals.

5. Insetting in the supply chain as an alternative
Compensate your remaining emissions by so-called insetting: investing in faster decarbonisation in your own supply chain.

6. Key criteria for a strong, fair and transparent international carbon market
There is an essential role to play for the voluntary carbon market in catalysing climate action and helping the world reach its climate goals.

Curious? Read the full manifest here.