The two-week climate summit in Madrid, December 2nd -13th (COP25) will determine whether international Carbon Trade will be properly regulated and thereby contribute to the ambitions of Paris. Hence, next year countries are expected to bring their climate plans ‘in line’ with the Paris Agreement goals. It is the only chapter in the so-called “Paris Rulebook”, about which there is still disagreement, so-called Article 6 in the Rulebook in Madrid, it is finally at the top of the Climate Summit agenda. International carbon trade can enable countries to achieve cost-effective CO2 emission reductions. Studies show that global carbon trade doubles reductions at the same cost.

For Climate Neutral Group, Managing Director René Toet and Carbon Specialist Jos Cozijnsen will attend the summit. They will speak with delegates and politicians, companies and NGOs. Rules for international carbon trade for countries will determine if carbon reductions will be reported transparently by countries. How will countries report international transfer of credits to avoid double counting? Will new credits help the Paris goals? What is the role of the voluntary carbon market? And how will this impact supply and carbon prices?

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