The International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA) is a non-profit organisation made up of the leading carbon reduction and offset providers in the voluntary carbon market. Climate Neutral Group is a certified member and founding partner of ICROA.

At a time when governments, businesses and organisations all over the world are looking for immediate and actionable solutions to keep the global temperature rise to below 2°C, ICROA plays a vital role in advocating for the use of offsetting in addition to footprinting and emission reduction to mitigate climate change. Being comprised of the leading companies in the voluntary carbon market, ICROA provide a unified voice in these critical policy and market discussions. Today, ICROA has published a response to the statement made by Greenpeace about the role of carbon credits in climate action.

11 Oct 2021 15:04 |
In response to the statement made by Greenpeace’s Executive Director Jennifer Morgan at the Reuters Impact conference, and published by Reuters on 6 October.

ICROA would like to express its respect and support for the work of Greenpeace and echo the concerns of many climate activists around the world in demanding more action and raising concerns about the pace of emissions reductions by companies and governments. For many years, ICROA and its members have raised awareness about the urgency of the climate emergency and that both governments and businesses must do their utmost to meet the Paris Agreement goal of limiting temperature increases to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Calling on companies, including the energy sector giants in particular, to accelerate their carbon reduction efforts is not in question. We welcome the actions taken by thousands of companies who have publicly committed to reducing their carbon footprint by setting ambitious science-based targets and successfully pursuing their net-zero decarbonisation strategy.

However, we strongly disagree with Greenpeace about the statements criticising the role that carbon credits play in catalysing climate action and believe that Greenpeace misunderstands the role of external Emission Reductions (offsetting alongside and over and above deep internal reductions), in helping the world reach its climate goals. The statement made by Greenpeace’s Executive Director Jennifer Morgan provides, we believe, misleading information about the role of carbon credits in climate action.

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