Today on International Women’s Day 2022 – March 8 – we would like to put Luutu in the spotlight.

We met Luutu on a short trip to our climate projects in Uganda back in 2017. Ciska Uijlenbroek “Luutu is the proud owner of a plantation and plant nursery in the Kampala area. She runs her business as a strong entrepreneur with a good heart. Thanks to the microfinance possible through the Gold Standard for Global Goals Biogas project, Luutu was able to install a biodigester and a toilet connected to it.

Via an investment in some cattle, she now produces enough biogas for cooking, lighting, and the heating of her hens’ night quarters. The nights can be cool there. The biogas replaces wood and kerosene as fuels. Luutu uses the residual product ‘slurry’ as organic fertilizer on her plantation which has an amazing positive effect in growth and harvest. In addition of her sales of cultivated plants and trees to garden centers and markets, she also donates these to poor women in the area who can grow their own fruit and vegetables.”

This shows that climate projects for offsetting do not only contribute to the climate through CO2 and methane reduction, certified as Gold Standard carbon credits, but also contribute to SDG 5: achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

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