Utrecht | March 7th 2022

CNG and it’s employees supports peace and the Ukraine people suffering and therefore we will donate to GIRO 555, the general ‘people in need’ initiative in The Netherlands, which supports various charities, like CARE, Unicef, Save the Children, Oxfam Novib, Cordaid, Plan international, Terres des Hommes, Red Cross and the Dutch Refugee Foundation.

The employees contributed on voluntary basis and CNG will double it. Private donations already done, e.g. in order to support their family in Ukraine, Red Cross, etc. will be doubled also. The donation amounts to  13.170 Euro. With this initiative we meet the feelings and wishes of our employees and as a company in line with our core values. Anthesis Group, where we merged with in January, will donate in the same way  to diverse charities.

Today is the national GIRO 555 action day for supporting the Ukrainian people in The Netherlands and at 12.30 CET, almost 30 million Euro for humanitarian support. GIRO 555 will be open for next coming months, so support also!

Support Ukraine also via GIRO 555 (The Netherlands) or via a charity in your own country

Donate GIRO 555