Washington, August 30th, 2022

A new research from the Clean Cooking Alliance underscores the need for the global community to expand access to cleaner cooking fuels and technologies. Today 2.4 billion people. mainly in Asia and Africa, do not have access to clean cooking. The World Bank estimates that this costs the world more than $2.4 trillion each year, driven by adverse impacts on health, nature, climate, and gender equality, and contributes to 3.2 million premature deaths annually. The report shows the potential to mitigate climate change as a nature-based solution. As communities around the world face a summer of extreme heat, drought and fire, the report sheds light on cooking as an often-overlooked cause of global carbon emissions, forest degradation, and preventable illness. Next to reducing climate impact, clean cookstoves projects contributes to various SDG’s: good health and well-being,  no poverty, women empowerment & gender equality, affordable clean energy,  decent work and economic growth.

Learn to know the impact our clients realised by choosing for our clean cooking projects.

More than 1.8 million people benefit every day from cleaner and more efficient cooking through biogas and efficient cookstoves. That is only the result of the few projects we have mentioned in our Impact report 2022.
How you can fit compensation in your journey to net zero you can learn in our next webinar about compensation, we organise mid november. We explain all about compensation, the techniques and type of projects, the status of voluntary carbon market, how it is accepted the Paris climate agreement, and what claims you are able to make under what conditions.

Learn how to fit compensation in your journey to net zero
in our next webinar about compensation

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