By: René Toet

Rene ToetClimate Neutral Business. Organizations bandy this term about. They would like to be climate neutral by 2020, so they voice strong goals or even say that they are already climate neutral. We realize that the climate is under pressure and cheer ambitions in this area, if they are carried out properly.

But… when are they really climate neutral?

We think that your product, service or organization is climate neutral when you have worked consistently towards climate neutrality and can demonstrate that the CO2 emissions are zero. This means that your organization reduces and offsets CO2 emissions. Doing so yields valuable results, including cost savings, a better image and meeting the growing demand for sustainability.

Valuable for you and the climate!

How can you do this?

How do you achieve a 100% climate-neutral business? You achieve it by setting goals that eventually lead to zero impact of your business on the climate.

By measuring your CO2 footprint, you immediately get insight into the impact of your organization on the climate. Using this figure, we can work with you to determine reduction measures. The involvement and awareness within your organization will grow, which often leads to new initiatives being started. Did you know that you can quickly reduce 10 to 20 percent with small reductions? The remainder of your emissions can be offset by investing in one of our sustainable energy projects.

A stamp of approval!

When you have taken the steps above, you will be able to be proud of the result! And what is better than being recognized for your climate neutrality and having it assessed? We can do this with the Climate Neutral Guaranteed standard: a fast, reliable and cost-effective quality control. This Climate Neutral Group-initiated benchmark supports the transition by clearly and transparently communicating about it to others.

Why offset?

Of course, it is better if we all take care to emit less CO2 by saving energy. Offsetting is the way to do something about the rest of the emissions, the ones that you cannot yet reduce, in a way that really has an impact on climate change. But offsetting also offers you many advantages! An international study [1] carried out by ICROA and the Imperial College London University shows that offsetting has a positive impact on image, employee involvement and standing out from the pack. We know how important it is to companies striving for climate neutrality that our projects not only reduce CO2 but also contribute to a better standard of living for the local population in the areas like health, employment and income. In short, better opportunities for development!

The organizations that precede you here include:
 Brabant Water, SCA Hygiene Products Netherlands, Meijburg & Co, Noordhoff Publishers, Triodos Bank, IMC, the City of Hilversum, Sunny Cars, RDW and Sivomatic.

[1] Unlocking the hidden Value of Carbon Offsetting

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