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How should your business operate during the global crises that are happening right now? And what are the implications? At this live event in the Netherlands, you will explore how climate action can ensure a sustainable future for your business. Find the final programme at our congress pages.

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Subsessions Round 2

2A – Does ESG have the power to drive radical change? – by Andrew Noone & Wopke Geurts
With the rise of corporate sustainability and investment scrutiny, many organisations may get caught up in greenwashing scandals over the coming years. During this session, we’ll identify how to avoid this. With compliance disclosures as an increasingly important driver of ESG, Andrew and Wopke show you how to address this.
Client cases: JDE and Marex

2B – Building resilience through sustainability in your value chain – by Sophie Lees-Millais & Bas Ooteman
Climate change is posing major challenges to supply chains, however, productive and resilient organisations can still drive change through trying times. Sophie and Bas will take you along a journey how to analyse your supply chain, build resilience and decarbonise it at the same time.
One of the client cases: JDE

2C – Reducing carbon using farmers and nature – by Geert Eenhoorn & Franz Rentel
CNG NL has set up a Carbon Project together with CNG South Africa. During this session, Geert and Franz will explain what AgriCarbon is and what they have achieved with it so far. Be sure to discover many more benefits than expected!

2D – The heroic potential of brands in crisis – by James Wallis
Brands play a unique and important role in the global economy. They can be the most valuable asset and have the power to change things. In this session, James Wallis shares his view on how brands think about their role in a crisis, and how they can succeed by embracing challenges and contributing to the world we want.
One of the client cases: Nespresso

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