• 3750+ Footprints calculated
  • 3000+ organisations helped with CO2 reduction
  • 9 mio+ tonnes of CO2 offset
  • 30 mio+ 'Climate Neutral Certified' products sold

Our Tools and Solutions
Help You from A to Zero CO2


We help organisations reduce their impact on the climate. We are dedicated to helping you reach Net Zero CO2 by 2050. Our climate experts use innovative tools to achieve credible and transparent results on the way to Zero CO2. We help your organisation to continue to do what it is good at, with meaning and value, while staying within the limits of the planet.

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An Approach that Works
Step by step to Net Zero

  • CO2 Footprint

    The way from A to Zero CO2 starts with calculating your organisation’s CO2 Footprint. We have the right tools to meet the needs of every sort of company. We can also calculate a product’s CO2 Footprint using a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). These insights help you to determine your climate goals.

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  • Reduction

    Your CO2 Footprint can be used to determine your goals and reduction strategy. We zoom in on mobility, energy, air travel and your products’ supply chains. By monitoring CO2 emissions, we are working together on Zero CO2 by 2050. We show that CO2 reduction and a healthy business case go hand in hand.

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  • Offsetting

    Climate Neutral Now? By offsetting through our climate projects, you can contribute more quickly to realising both the Paris climate goals and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). All of our projects meet strict quality criteria and are Gold Standard or VCS certified.

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  • Certification

    Are you committed to helping the climate, ambitious about reduction and already climate neutral through offsetting? Then you can have your progress independently tested against the Climate Neutral Certification standard. The ‘Climate Neutral’ label provides formal and visible recognition of your efforts.

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How we help our clients
reach Zero CO2

A Climate Neutral Florist

“Sustainability has been an important theme for us since bloomon was founded in 2014. By opting for certification under the Climate Neutral standard from Climate Neutral Group, we are already 100% climate neutral, plus we are challenged to reduce even more every year. We have already gotten started and we look forward to making our sector more sustainable as well as providing inspiration for our sector”

Roy Barnhoorn Sourcing & Sustainability manager - bloomon Lees meer

A real match: saving energy at football (soccer) clubs

“With the expertise of Climate Neutral Group and the KNVB network, the Green Club has been rolled out into a successful sustainability program for many sports clubs in the Netherlands”

Heerema chooses for ambitious CO2-reduction strategy 

« During the implementation of our strategy and our roadmap to climate neutrality, CNG has helped us to formulate our goals, sharpened the roadmap and found suitable climate projects that fit with us as a company for offsetting our residual emissions. CNG has helped us a lot, both as a project manager and as a sounding board to help us on the way to climate neutrality. A very qualified partner! »

Vincent Doedee International Sustainablity Manager Lees meer

Making Climate Neutral Cheese with CONO

“We are proud of the steps we have already taken to reduce our CO2 emissions and are committed to doing more every year. The CNG Climate Neutral standard helps us in monitoring and adjusting our reduction measures in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.”

Grietsje Hoekstra Lees meer

PLUS Introduces the First Climate Neutral Certified Banana

Good food with care for both people and planet.
The PLUS supermarket chain chose Fairtrade years ago and they are now embracing certified climate neutral products for their house brands. Production chains are being made transparent, including the impact on the climate. “We are delighted that consumers appreciate our sustainability and health efforts,”

Eric Leebeek Commercial Director Lees meer

Bunzl would like to lessen its impact on the environment

“We see limiting our environmental and climate impact and contributing to raising users’ awareness as an important task in the area of our social responsibility.”

Bunzl Management Lees meer

Accelerating to Zero CO2 Together
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The Climate Impact of Flying Can Also Reach Zero CO2!

Internationally active? You could have a substantial CO2 Footprint. We can provide insight into and advice on CO2 reduction by making a sustainable business travel policy. This policy brings climate neutral flying within reach by reducing both CO2 and costs. Are you curious how? We have all the tools and expertise you need in house and work with most travel agents.

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Climate Projects with Impact

From A to Zero CO2 and now to climate neutral? Then choose to offset your remaining CO2 emissions through our climate projects. These reduce CO2 and contribute to reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Meet Our Climate Experts with a Mission

We face a climate challenge and we are meeting it head on. Our team of experts is driven to contribute to a better climate. Passionate and determined, they strive for positive change and a liveable planet for future generations. We have helped more than 3000 organisations on the way from A to Zero CO2.

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Willem Melis Carbon Advisor Belgique

Accelerating to Zero CO2 Together

Thanks to our partnerships and the role we play in networks, we’re expanding our Circle of Influence and the acceleration to Net Zero. We are helped tremendously by our contacts with important stakeholders in governments, industry associations and leading businesses. Speaking at conferences and taking part in discussions keeps us on our toes and keeps our services up-to-date and innovative.

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